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This time of year2 min de lecture

The leaves are starting to fall. The colours are changing. The mind is closing.

Autumn is an interesting and strange time of the year.

It is beautiful and dark. It’s a time where your energy is decreasing and you start reflecting more.

I always wondered why seasons affected us like they do. But I believe it’s a sign we didn’t shut down completely from nature. And it’s a good thing. We are part of nature and tend to forget it.

Seasons is a way of reminding us that. I am not ashamed to say that I need sun to keep me in a good mood, that I need light to wake me up, that I don’t usually sleep well during a full moon…

I love fall. The colours of the trees. Slowly, nature is retiring. It’s time to rest, to slow down, to maintain a cocoon. It’s the best time of year to rest under a plaid, with a cup of tea, watching a series, knitting or just chatting.

It’s the time of year when you start eating heavier, when you cook more comfort food, with cheese, cream, butternut…

It’s a good time to read and write, stay inside and enjoy the quiet. Because it’s something we don’t do much in our busy western societies. We’re always running after time when we should just take the time: to settle down, breathe in/breathe out and enjoy the moment.

The well-being industry is booming: and the simple fact that we call it an « industry » is a problem. We shouldn’t need to pay to feel well, and people who are taking advantage of such a « disease » shouldn’t. We should just remind ourselves of the basics.

Of course, I’m writing this like it’s so easy to do: it’s not, because our brains are wired to do more and always more. We need to re-learn how to be. How to live. More importantly and more precisely: how to live well. Because that’s the whole point of us being there.

Autumn is a strange and interesting time of year: a time to reflect, to slow down, to take time, for your projects, for others, and mostly for you.


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